2.2 ota update push


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Mar 23, 2010
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I am running UD froyo and I'm getting the update pushed to me but I would like to go back to stock and get the update problem is I'm without a comp for a week is the ota going to make my phone stock or is there a way to get back to stock without a comp thanks in advance
May 27, 2010
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I may be reading your question wrong though, am I right in the following assumptions:

1. You are running UD6 (Froyo)
2. There is a notification on your Droid for an OTA
3. You would like to unroot and run the stock froyo being pushed to your phone instead of being rooted on UD6.
4. You want to know if allowing the update will bring you to a stock state.

My best guess (if I'm reading correctly) without actually flashing UD would be that when you go to your recovery (SPRecovery I think is what UD ROMs use) you need to choose:
Install-- allow update.zip Installation
then Install /sdcard/update.zip (depricated)
Afterwards you should be running the OTA that is being pushed to your phone.

I've personally never tried anything like this. I like having root too much, but in theory it should work.