13 is a Very Lucky Number for the Annual Vampire Vacation to Transylvania


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Jan 27, 2010
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13 is a Very Lucky Number for the Annual Vampire Vacation to Transylvania
The ultimate haunted horror experience, "DraculaTour," is a unique travel adventure which takes you to Eastern Europe's most infamous land of the unholy, Transylvania (in Romania). For one week over the Summer and another during Halloween, travelers experience the definitive Halloween holiday with fellow fans, friends & fiends of the macabre on a vacation that is scary, spooky, campy - but most of all - fun for all ages! This year marks the tour's (lucky) 13th year.

"DraculaTour" is the only true fully-escorted "vampire vacation" professionally organized by fans especially for fans. It travels from the U.S. on October 27th and returns on November 3rd, planned so that participants spend their Halloween celebration in Dracula's Castle. This annual pilgrimage to Transylvania, in Romania, is presented by Tours of Terror, who also host the annual "GHOSTour" and mini-vacations to Salem, MA known as "Weekend of The Witch."

"DraculaTour" follows Jonathan Harker's trail from the novel "Dracula," while throwing in all sorts of spooky surprises along the way. There is a mock witch trial, visits to haunted graveyards and time spent in the world's largest and oldest "tools of torture" museum. There is both educational and entertainment value as the tour includes historical Bran Castle, Clock Tower, the Black Church, Vlad's birthplace, Vlad's castle (also known as Dracula's fortress) and also the monastery where Vlad is buried. It's the perfect combination of fun and fear, for anyone looking for an unusual week-long ghoulish getaway. Vampires, vampire fans and even vampire slayers are welcome, and all get along harmoniously on this travel adventure.

The highlight of the "Dracula Tour" is undoubtedly spending the night inside Dracula's Castle. All travelers dress in their best masquerade costumes, eat a lavish multi-course meal, experience a "vampire show," descend to the dungeon of the castle where "the coffin" lies waiting, dance to appropriate macabre music (everything from "The Monster Mash" to music from "Rocky Horror"), partake in a moonlit bonfire and simply have the times of their lives ... even if they're part of the undead. Every year, one couple takes the experience one step further -- they get married during the trip with their ceremony and reception at Dracula's Castle, and all the fellow travelers are guests at this unique wedding! Whereas most couples kiss after their cake-cutting ceremony, the bride and groom bite each other's necks (lovingly, of course).

What are some of the highlights of this trek of terror? Guests will actually follow the footsteps of Jonathan Harker's trail from Bram Stoker's novel "Dracula." Time is spent in Bucharest ascending the Carpethian Mountains to Vlad Castle. Participants will be part of a hair-raising (spirit-raising?) séance in a secluded graveyard in Brasov. Travelers will see the Black Church and haunted Farmer's Market in Sighisoara, birthplace of Dracula (Vlad), as well as the eerie Clock Tower and Square History Torture Museum. Everyone will embark on a journey through Borgo Pass to Dracula's Castle, where each soul will experience the definitive Halloween eve: Masquerade Ball, Vampire Show, Dinner and "Monster Mash" Dance Party right in Dracula's Castle! Along the way, there's an exploration of the Snagov Monastery ("Tomb of Dracula") along with the Transylvanian Castle of Bran, a fortress built in 1377 and preserved as national monument. And that's just the sightseeing part of the trip. Evenings are filled with howling parties, witch trials, bonfires and surprises. There'll be more head-turning than in an Exorcist movie!

This professionally-guided, fully-escorted tour is ideal for the single traveler, but also is well-suited for couples and also families. If you're the type who would enjoy dressing up (or down) for a masquerade ball in Dracula's Castle, or if you can imagine have a blood-suckingly great time partying under a full moon in a land that time forgot, this is the tour experience of a lifetime (even if you're part of the undead!).

Draculatour is a $5400 value for only $2499 per person, based on double occupancy. Package price includes round-trip airfare from the NY metro area, deluxe hotel accommodations, meals, transfers, luxury coach ground transportation, all events - parties - guest appearances - attractions - admissions. Reservations are now being accepted. Some tours have also been graced by such notables as actor Butch Patrick, television's Eddie Munster, author Joe Lansdale, genre film-maker Steve Cuden and legendary Hammer Films' scream queen Ingrid Pitt.

To read about the past Dracula Tours, or for additional information on the 13th Annual Vampire Vacation, visit the official website. Email [email protected] for a link to the site. For a free color brochure, email [email protected] or call toll-free (866) T-E-R-R-OR-T-O-U-R (direct line 203-795-4737)
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Note: Just thought I'd share this email if anyone is interested in this.
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