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    How do I disable the beeping sound whenever I adjust volume in YouTube??

    I get this annoying beep whenever I adjust volume when watching a YouTube video. It's supposed to let you know how loud the sound will be but it's just really annoying. I don't see any option to turn it off in settings so I don't mind using an external program or something like that. I'm using...
  2. D

    Media volume glitching

    Media volume only goes so high then kicks me back to the start page. I can only go up to about 75% then my next up volume it glitches and goes back to my insert passcode.
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    HELP - sound problem

    So for some reason I woke up and my sound was weird. I don't know if I accidentally pushed a button or if someone else did or what. It used to be super loud when I turned it up to play music, but now it's like I can barely hear it and it's all the way up. When I used my volume button, it used...
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    Weak speaker volume

    Have four year old Droid Turbo. Speaker volume getting weak. Main volume control set to MAX. Sound control for media volume set to MAX. Figured it was dying speaker. But just noticed that when I plug in an external speaker, its volume is also weak. So something within the phone itself is...
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    Pixel ringer volume tied to notification volume

    Hello, I just received the latest security update from Google on my Pixel phone, so I don't know if that was what was responsible, or perhaps something else I've done, but I've noticed some changes to my volume settings. In Tasker, I used to be able to set most if not all of my volumes from...