1. M


    Probably the best fantasty virtual reality maze game for VR headset! There is a game called @MazeFantasyVR - @MazeVRFantasy (@MazeFantasyVR) | Twitter Today is the beginning of the sale, but I recommend it. It looks nice and is quite addictive. You can play VR Mode but also, as Dual-Stick Mode...
  2. JacobVR

    We thought about that - they did it! VR stereoscopic 180 Webcam

    VR is on the top of interest nowadays. I think the majority has tried VR devices, videos, games and Apps. It’s really cool but just imagine how cool it would be to use it more deeper. How about VR stream videos in real time? I thought it was not real, but i was wrong. They did it - What are...