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  1. Hippopotamouse

    Solved Issues powering on Droid Turbo

    Okay, so this morning I went to look at my phone and it wasn't powered on. I thought maybe I hadn't plugged it in, wrong. It was plugged in all night. Maybe it had a bad connection? Possibly, however I should still see it start charging when I plug it in with a different charger. Nothing...
  2. DroidModderX

    Turn On Nexus 6P Battery Percentage With "System UI Tuner"

    Google has added a new secret feature "System UI Tuner" which allows you to make a small handful of changes to your UI. This feature is really in its infancy, and Google warns that it is beta and can cause things to bug out, but I am hoping that Google decides to do more with this in the future...
  3. F

    Incognito Mode Inaccessible in Chrome

    I just bought an LG G4 about a month ago and, while smartphones are not my most favorite devices ever, I'm usually pretty easygoing and can work around any problems I encounter. However, I have stumbled across one thing that frustrated me out of my mind: the apparent disablement of the "New...