1. ÇoachBobP23

    How to get Micro SD files off broken phone-

    Ok so my Samsung Galaxy S5 suffered internal water damage. The Phone briefly turned on, but has since shut down and won't reboot nor charge the battery, When you plug charger in it gives a yellow diamond sign showing there is a battery issue. It appears the battery is shot but possibly the...
  2. s7newb

    switching apps from iphone to droid

    hi, total android newb here . after years with iphones i took the plunge and got a galaxy s7 edge . i used smart switch to transfer things from my iphone backup to the s7 . my iphone took a swim ,i was able to get it to turn on but the touchpad does not respond ,that said i was forced to do the...
  3. H

    I need help ASAP

    Two weeks ago I was in a motorcycle accident. Both the LCD screen and the outer screen are destroyed because of it. I need to recover my files but I cannot figure this out. I have some priceless photos and videos on there and it'd make this whole situation much worse if I couldn't transfer the...