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  1. P

    does google drive keep deleted text messages?

    i accidentally deleted a text conversation between my best friend and i around a month ago which had a bunch of photos and videos of us (sms and mms) and i was wondering if those are kept in google drive or are they deleted off of there once you delete them on your phone?
  2. DroidModderX

    Some Galaxy S8s Are Missing Text Messages

    The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are currently experiencing a major bug. S8 users have been reporting in the US that they are missing text messages. This bug started showing up Thursday. This bug effects users on all major US carriers. Apparently switching messaging apps is not helping either. There is no...
  3. R

    Group conversations / texting gone?

    On my S6 I was able to send texts as group messages OR click a box next to the text message to change it to send a mass text to individuals. Is there anyway to that on the s8? There is groups in the contacts app but that's a pain in the ass and doesn't let me send the mass text to individuals?
  4. A

    Solved Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Message not sent error yet messages are being recieved

    I've tried a bunch of the things other threads have said, restarting, deleting cache, deleting old messages, downloading handcent SMS, deleting Facebook, nothing seems to work. I can even text myself, the text gets received before the app says it failed! This is incredibly frustrating and I'd...