1. S

    Phone to phone mirror

    I wonder if there is way to mirror one phone to another using Bluetooth - just like you would mirror phone to car radio. I tried several apps in the app store but none of them worked. My primary phone is android 7.1.1 and the car phone I want to use is android 9.
  2. T

    Disable Contacts sync does not work

    Hallo, I have found that with my Pixel 4XL (or maybe it's Android 10) disabling Contacts syncing NO LONGER WORKS! With my older Pixel 2 it did work, and I would manually trigger a Contacts or Calendar symc when I wanted to. I have checked and double-checked all the settings (see below)... but it...
  3. kimiix17

    Need help with account sync settings please!

    I recently changed phones from the HTC Desire 510 to the HTC Desire 626, and am having trouble with the Accounts & Sync settings. When I go to add account, there is no facebook option even though I have the app, am logged in on the app, and have sync enabled on the app. However, what is there is...
  4. Aiiyiiyiii

    New problem playing music synced onto phone

    I've done it this way for years. Buy mp3's from google music, download to my W7 PC, sync to my Samsung Note3 kitkat over USB using Windows Media Player. Since last week, though, new music that I sync to the phone either plays all scrambled up, or simply gives a message "this file type not...
  5. RyansGirl101302

    Bluetooth Connect Issue

    So I am a runner and I have a Fitbit and a Garmin GPS watch. Both sync seamlessly to apps so that I can track my fitness. HOWEVER for some reason my Note 5 will NOT connect to these devices. I can't figure it out! (I also have connect issues with my GMC Acadia) Help!!!
  6. D

    Google Play Music: easiest way to download cloud-music to phone?

    Is there an easy way to download all music uploaded to Google Play Music-Cloud on my mobile phone? I started uploading my music to the cloud, The music is shown in the Google Play Music App on my phone, and I know how to download the albums. But as I have about 20.000 songs and therefore lots...
  7. bucho602

    Note 5 not syncing Facebook contacts/contact photos

    Hey all! I have been a member for quite some time now but have hardly, if ever, created a thread so forgive me if I am placing this inquiry in the wrong spot. I recently fired the trigger on trading in my Note 4 for the Note 5 and am experiencing problems with syncing the Facebook photos for...
  8. D

    Solved two problems: car will not upload contacts and additional symbol is now in top status bar

    Hello! We recently bought a new car - a 2016 Toyota Corolla. The dealer showed us how to upload contacts from the phone into the car via bluetooth. Well, she tried with my DroidX, but it did not work. It did work fine for my husband's old iPhone. But, I am the primary driver of the new car...