1. GROMAddict

    Wirelinq smart Android USB cable for BMW

    Hi fellow forum members, Please check out recent video that we made on BMW M-series 2016. It shows how Wirelinq smart Android USB cable converter is used in the car. With Wirelinq you are able to connect the Android phone to the car stereo via USB port that is available in your car and...
  2. GROMAddict

    How to stream Spotify in your car with Android phone and USB

    Hi fellow forum members, Please check our latest demo of Wirelinq cable in 2017 VW Golf. This video shows you how you can stream Spotify music in your vehicle and have a full control over playable tunes with your car stereo/steering wheel buttons and touch screen. Bonus: We have a special...
  3. DroidModderX

    Spotify Scrubber Turns Into Lightsaber When You Play Star Wars Soundtracks!

    I always love when apps and websites add themed elements that tie in to what you happen to be doing on the app. One of the best examples of this that I have ever seen is the new Lightsaber themeing on Spotify's scrubber when you play Star Wars soundtracks! You almost can't listen to the music as...
  4. DroidModderX

    Spotify Bringing Streaming Video To Android App!

    Spotify is widely known as one of the best ways to stream audio on your smartphone. Now Spotify is also looking to become a leader in video streaming. They will be adding the new video streaming service to the Android app in the coming days, and will add the video streaming capabilities to the...
  5. DroidModderX

    Spotify To Bring Lyrical Information In Annotation Form

    If you are pushing 30 or are older you probably remember VH1's show "Pop Up Video". In this series VH1 would add all kinds of interesting facts in the form of conversational bubbles. Facts about artists, lyrics, video shoot locations, and other stories were included. Having this extra insight to...