1. DroidModderX

    The OnePlus 5T Is The World's Fastest Charging Phone!

    Tom's Guide just released their phone charging speed test which reveals that the OnePlus 5T is the fastest charging phone in the world. The OnePlus 5T features Dash Charge which is not only able to charge your phone quickly, but can even charge your phone quickly while you are using it. This is...
  2. DroidModderX

    Samsung's New 8GB LPDDR4 DRAM The Solution To TouchWiz Lag?!

    Samsung over the years has become the top dog when it comes to companies that produce Android devices. The one problem that many Samsung users experience with their devices is LAG. This normally is not apparent during the first month or so of owning the device but becomes apparent when...
  3. DroidModderX

    OUKITEL K6000 Charges 6000mah Battery In 2 Hours!

    As an Android super fan I keep my eyes on all kinds of Android devices. I even check out many devices I may never be able to actually get my hands on being that they are international devices not carried in the US. There are some foreign companies that are actually putting out some pretty...
  4. DroidModderX

    Monitor Your Data Usage With Speed Meter Pro!

    These days I feel like I am the only person I know with unlimited data on Verizon. Most of you have swapped over to a tiered data plan by now. At this point I don't know how I'd get along with a monthly limit on my data. My wife uses about 20GB and I use about 50GB every single month. If we had...
  5. DroidModderX

    Custom Kernel Fixes Note 5 Memory Management

    Earlier this evening PC747 made a good and valid argument on why Root is dying. As these phones get higher speced and the software is tweaked we are finding less reasons to really NEED root. At this point if you are rooting you are doing so to either stick it to the man, or because you genuinely...
  6. DroidModderX

    VIDEO- Galaxy Note 5 Destroys Antutu Benchmark Test

    In this video we run the Antutu benchmark on the Note 5. The phone with its power house specs chews right through the benchmark with no problems at all. It beats the Note 4 in the test handily. Is this a worthy upgrade. If performance is your only concern then yes!
  7. DroidModderX

    DU Speed Booster Can Help Speed Up An Older Android

    If you need to stretch out a device as long as possible you may sometimes find yourself using a slower device. As devices get older ram gets used up and your phone can slow to a molasses style crawl. There are a few apps out there that can help you clean up your phone to improve its speed. One...