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    Solved Phone Applications Shutting Down Suddenly

    Phone: Samsung S9 I had just changed a new SIM card yesterday. Previously my phone was functioning normally. But after changing the SIM card and APN (needed by service provider) and activating it, apps keep shutting down abnormally. The rest of my friends who changed previously has no issue...
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    Samsung Galaxy A50 review.

    I am using this phone and its a very good experience. All the features are very good. Samsung phone cameras are always very good and the best part of this device is onscreen fingerprint and its quiet working very fast and its face lock also very fast. Good mid range mobile.
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    Samsung Galaxy S2 stuck on 7% while updating software

    (I'm not very sure if my explanation will make sense, english isn't my first language haha) So I decided to update the software of my samsung galaxy s2 and while it was being downloaded, it was at around 27% and it stopped downloading, so I canceled it. I decided to click on "check for updates"...