s8 plus

  1. DroidModderX

    Enjoy Bixby On Your Nougat Samsung Right Now!

    One of the key features announced at the Galaxy S8 unpacked event was the all new Bixby assistant. This feature is set to rival Google's assistant and Siri on iPhones. The feature will be built into the Galaxy S8 and will feature its own Bixby dedicated button to activate the assistant on...
  2. smalltowngirl13

    Battery Life Expectations - Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus

    With every new phone, we almost always ask "what will the battery life be" - of course we want something that will go a full day in case we can't charge halfway thru or maybe we are out & about and not near a charger or battery pack. The Galaxy S8 line will not have a removable battery but that...
  3. smalltowngirl13

    Will the Gear VR with controller entice you enough to pre-order the S8 or S8 Plus?

    Will anybody be pre-ordering the S8 or the S8 Plus in order to obtain a Gear VR with controller? It appears that pre-orders have to placed by April 20th and I am sure that the "freebie" is limited. This means if the Gear VR will help to justify the new phone, you might want to act early as I am...