s5 galaxy

  1. P

    I cannot input or save any APN details and my mobile data does not work. Please help!

    Hello, I have bought an unlocked samsung galaxy s5. It seems it is a phone from the USA, previously on Sprint network. I am using a Brazilian local carrier's sim card which is realtively new (4 months old). The phone is a G900P.04 running android 6.0 Marshmallow. The mobile data is not working...
  2. Ghostwheel

    Solved Verizon Marshmallow Issues

    I got the Verizon OTA a few days ago, and have been noticing a few issues here and there. No browsing access using Windows 7. This is a biggie. When I plug my S5 in, the standard autoplay popups happen, but when click on it in Explorer, all I get is a phone icon - no files, nothing. Not for...
  3. N

    cannot see outgoing text messages

    my phone was being slow this morning so I rebooted including removing the battery and waiting half an hour and putting it back. When it came back on my date and time was for the 8th of July at 3 in the afternoon. When it is March 6th at 11:30 in the morning. I then noticed I can send a text but...