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  1. Annamai

    [APPS] Aicall – Make calls to 200+ countries at super low rates

    Aicall provides the lowest rates when calling mobiles or landlines around the world. Keep in touch with people in the world for less. ◆◆◆Features◆◆◆ √ Best Phone Call App on the App Store. √ Crystal clear voice quality, low latency. √ Absolutely Ads free! √ Use the account registration,cell...
  2. DunDun

    Samsung S6 Phone App takes over my device when on call.

    Hello, I was a happy dedicated Verizon Motorola device owner until the Bionic debacle occured. I probable would've stuck with motorola devices but, the Nexus 6 was just too big for me to lug around. So I went with the Samsung S6, while it's not the perfect solution I hoped for it's ok for a...