operating system

  1. A

    Media keeps pausing- inb4 look at old threads

    Hi, I'm very frustrated. My media keeps pausing, sometimes every 30 seconds, some times every couple minutes. YouTube pauses all the time. The music I have on my phone, downloaded in to my memory, pauses all the time. (Doesn't require data/buffering) It's annoying, especially when I'm doing...
  2. DroidModderX

    Cyanogen Is Still An OS Company!

    There was a bit of confusion over the weekend surrounding reports that Cyanogen would be giving up on the Operating Business in favor of going in to the app business. This would not be shocking news if it were true as Cyanogen just finished laying off more than 20% of its work force...
  3. W

    HTC ONE X deleted operating system

    I accidently deleted the operating system on my HTC ONE X, I had tried to jailbreak my phone but after doing so my phone started freezing so I attempted to delete the jailbreak and now my phone has no operating system I can get to the Team Win Recovery Screen but am unable to press on anything...