1. D

    Media volume glitching

    Media volume only goes so high then kicks me back to the start page. I can only go up to about 75% then my next up volume it glitches and goes back to my insert passcode.
  2. A

    Media keeps pausing- inb4 look at old threads

    Hi, I'm very frustrated. My media keeps pausing, sometimes every 30 seconds, some times every couple minutes. YouTube pauses all the time. The music I have on my phone, downloaded in to my memory, pauses all the time. (Doesn't require data/buffering) It's annoying, especially when I'm doing...
  3. DroidModderX

    Add Music Controls To Your Notification Panel.

    Widgets are awesome and they have always been one huge separating factor between Android and other operating systems. Widgets can be extremely helpful when it comes to accessing important information quickly. The only real downside to widgets is that they take up space on your home screen...