marshmallow update

  1. Amazonfemme

    Update to 6.0.1 or not?

    Hey, y'all. I'm relatively new to the Note 5 (my LG G3 straight-up died a couple of weeks ago and I had to replace it). I got mine at Best Buy; it's the Verizon 64GB model. It came with 5.1.1, and so far it's been working flawlessly. Last week, a system update popped up telling me that 6.0.1...
  2. A

    Major OS battery drain after 47A update

    Trying to find advice on what to do with my phone after the 47A update has turned the OS into a nightmare. On idle, the OS uses about 80% of the battery, during moderate use the OS uses slightly more battery than the screen. If I charge to 100% before I go to sleep, in 6 hours my battery will be...