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  1. DroidModderX

    Lenovo K3 Note Receives Marshmallow!

    No Marshmallow update for my Galaxy S6 Edge yet, but plenty of other devices are starting to receive their Marshmallow updates. The update did wonders for my Galaxy Note 5. Things got faster, my battery life improved, and the overall experience improved after the update. The Lenovo K3 Note was...
  2. DroidModderX

    Some Lenovo Devices Won't Receive Marshmallow Until September 2016

    Lenovo has released their update schedule for devices already released and it's not looking very promising. Marshmallow won't make it to the A7000, A7000 Plus or Lenovo K3 Note until September 2016! That's more than a year after preview builds of Marshmallow were released! Other devices like the...