1. Samuel Jackson III

    My internet is throttled

    I am currently using MetroPCS and realized that my internet was throttled this whole time. Im on a unlimited data plan. I did a speed test and get from 60 to 120 mbps but when I download apps it seems SUPER slow. I went to and got from 1.2mbps to 3.4 mbps. I looked up different videos...
  2. 6

    Solved Internet connecting failure

    BLU Studio 5.0C HD--Kk 4.4.2--Custom build version...BLU_D535U_VO3_Generic. On this phone, it says it's connected to the internet, however, most of the time it will not open/sustain a browser or web page. When it does finally 'connect" to the web, rarely does the "connection" last more than a...
  3. 6

    4.4.2 won't load webpages

    Hey All: The phone used to load the pages, but now all I get is "AW, Snap...Something went wrong while displaying this webpage. etc..." The 'wi-fi" app says it's "connected". Tried factory rest, shut off;turn on wi-fi connection and type-in url. Now, is this an android or Blu phone problem...