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    What makes your infotainment system unique

    We've created a poll for those who own or have used infotainment systems. We'd love to hear what you have to say about your system!
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    For the Connected Car "CarPlay-Like" Experience

    We've developed an advanced infotainment system for the connected car experience. No need for smartphones. The system allows for direct sync and usage of music, maps and voice right from your factory car stereo. We’d love to get feedback from our communities here. Our VLine system is...
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    GROM Audio Android Car Integration Newsletter

    Here you will find March issue of our newsletter. GROM March Issue: VLine Infotainment Update, Exploring Music Genres, Technology News Recap Highlights include: VLine Connected Car Infotainment system - Pre-Sale VLine Connected Car Infotainment system - calling for BETA testers Wirelinq...
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    Android Based Connected Car Infotainment System - SF Bay Area beta testers invited

    We are inviting beta-testers to try out our new VLINE infotainment center for select OEM stereos. We are looking for the owners of select Infiniti/Nissan, GMC and Lexus vehicles. VLINE Infotainment System for Nissan/Infiniti/GM/Lexus - BETA Test Sign Up Here is a snap of what VLine can do...
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    GROM Audio January Newsletter - car audio integration updates

    Hi all, and happy New Year! We recently published our January newsletter that you can find here: VLine FAQ, new California Driving Law, Free USA Shipping Promo and Coupon The newsletter highlights the most asked questions about GROM VLine infotainment system. GROM VLine is the stand alone...