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  1. D

    Apps at homescreen get removed after using Maximum Energy Saving Mode on Samsung S8.

    Hello. After using Maximum Energy Saving Mode and then turning it off my app icons on home screen get removed, only widgets stay in there. Also the apps get sorted alphabetically, not how I set them to be. I have Samsung S8, using One UI launcher. The problem started to happen recently, as I...
  2. B

    How to Pin Link to Home Screen

    I have several items such as news links, weather and phone numbers that were placed on the home screen some time ago. Now, I am not able to create and add links to the home screen. How does one add links and Contact phone numbers to the home screen? TIA… Bill Using Moto X (1st Gen), android...
  3. I

    where are home screen url links stored in Android OS?

    Hello everyone, Ian G Marshall here from paris, France. Glad to discover this forum. Hope I can (at last) some invaluable tech info from this source. Here's my "dilemma" I mostly use Dolphin browser with my Android devices. Once I've a web site hit, I can : - save url as a bookmark for further...
  4. DroidModderX

    Freaky Launcher A Fast and Light Home Screen Replacement

    Over the years OEM Android skins have gotten lighter and lighter, but even the lightest version of touchwiz ever takes up a good 8GB of space. It is also still pretty well bloated with other features. If you want to clean up your device you can replace your phone's stock launcher with a custom...
  5. DroidModderX

    Bento Launcher Now "Scout" Laucher Learns From Your Behavior

    The web is always aware of every move we make. Nothing online is secret. If someone wanted to know what to buy you for Christmas they could just boot up your browser and see what Amazon ads are suggesting. What if you could harness all this creepy data collection for good? Enter the Scout...