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  1. DroidModderX

    Specs List Revealed For ZTE's Crowd Sourced Hawkeye Phone

    We have seen companies fund their device manufacturing in many different ways. OnePlus had their notorious invite system while other manufacturers have simply utilized pre-orders to gauge how many devices they needed to build. ZTE has decided to go a whole new route. They crowdfunded the Hawkeye...
  2. FoFa

    S5 Marshmallow update & Drive Mode

    As soon as I got Verizon's update, by Honda (2013) and my phone don't get along nicely. It connects , stays connected for a few minutes, then disconnects. Reconnects, loop forever. If by chance I do get phone call while it is connected, the sound breaks up we can't hardly understand each other...
  3. DroidModderX

    Super Deal: LG Tone INFINIM Nearly 50% OFF!

    The hottest thing in portable sound has just been discounted nearly 50% off! The LG Tone Infinim has a sleek metallic finish and ergonomic design. It wraps around your neck and provides you with easily accessible bluetooth headphones at all times! The earbuds feature a retractable cord system so...