1. Alpha-Dummy

    Do you know of a reliable pedometer app?

    Does anyone know of a reliable Pedometer app that meets the following criteria? I am looking for a good pedometer app that I would like to use therapeutically to determine the actual daily walking distance. However, it should meet the following criteria: 1. Distance measurement with GPS...
  2. C

    GPS problem - "Searching for GPS" using Google Maps

    I started having a really frustrating problem a while back with my Droid Turbo when trying to use the Navigation feature on Google Maps. I lose my GPS signal every couple minutes and get the message "Searching for GPS location". My location doesn't update and then when it does finally reconnect...
  3. DroidModderX

    Huawei May Be Releasing A New Smart Watch At Mobile World Congress.

    Huawei has one of the best Android Smart Watches around with the Huawei Watch. My Huawei watch has been my favorite smart watch so far so I was pretty excited to hear that Huawei will likely release an all new smart watch at Mobile World Congress in a few weeks. Huawei recently sent out a teaser...