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  1. L

    Advice on Android smartphone to buy

    Hi all, I am brand new to this forum and need your expert advice on a new smartphone. Which Android phone would you recommend for mostly calls/text/navigation usage with: - reliable updates/security for at least 2-3 years - long battery life at least 24 hours - NO bloatware (have used an old...
  2. C

    Messages app not showing any conversations

    Sometime between noon and 5 today all the conversations in Messages on my Pixel disappeared. I have many messages in many conversations but when I open Messages I have an introductory screen as if I never ran it before. I check recently updated apps in My Apps on the Play store and Messages is...
  3. danDroid

    Google completes $1.1 billion HTC deal

    Google's billion-dollar deal to acquire a part of HTC (along with a non-exclusive license for its intellectual property) is done. The two companies announced its completion tonight, and the details appear to be the same as originally announced. While the team behind the Pixel phones is joining...
  4. BenLand150

    [Video] My quick first impressions on the Pixel XL

    The reason there's a lot of lamps, by the way, was horrible lighting and not having my studio lights, lol. Had to improvise.
  5. DroidModderX

    Nest Ad Accidentally Shows Off The Google Pixel!

    You can see the actual Pixel device in the video above. The nest ad features the device. The commercial aired in the Netherlands earlier in the week. The device displayed in the ad shows a two toned back which is what we have seen in previous leaks. The front of the device looks similar to an...