google drive

  1. P

    does google drive keep deleted text messages?

    i accidentally deleted a text conversation between my best friend and i around a month ago which had a bunch of photos and videos of us (sms and mms) and i was wondering if those are kept in google drive or are they deleted off of there once you delete them on your phone?
  2. J

    Google Drive sync issues on OnePlus 5

    My father owns a OnePlus 5 (on the latest OS available for the device.) For the last few months (even before he updated to Android 10), he's had problems uploading and syncing (via FolderSync) on Google Drive (also the latest version because of auto-update.) Intermittently whenever he would...
  3. DroidModderX

    It's Now Much Easier To Switch From iPhone To Android!

    Just in time for the Holidays Google has made it easier than ever to switch from the iPhone to an Android device. Previously you would have to manually backup photos, videos, music, contacts, ect. Now you can download Google Drive to your iphone. The new switch portal allows you to make a backup...