1. DroidModderX

    FitBit Acquires Pebble, Pebble Halts Manufacturing

    Earlier today Pebble confirmed that it has been bought out by Fitbit. They have also stopped manufacturing new Pebble devices. If you were an early backer of any of the new lineup this unfortunately means you won't be receiving your new Pebble device. You will however be receiving your money...
  2. RyansGirl101302

    Bluetooth Connect Issue

    So I am a runner and I have a Fitbit and a Garmin GPS watch. Both sync seamlessly to apps so that I can track my fitness. HOWEVER for some reason my Note 5 will NOT connect to these devices. I can't figure it out! (I also have connect issues with my GMC Acadia) Help!!!
  3. RyansGirl101302

    DashClock Widget on Lock Screen?

    So I downloaded the DashClock widget because it said that with the Fitbit Extension, I can see my Fitbit stats on my lock screen. I have been googling, researching, and playing around with my Note 5 TRYING to figure out how to get this to work. Is it just a lost cause? Does it not work with...