1. DroidModderX

    Android N Theme For EMUI Devices!

    Huawei has really made a name for themselves in the US over the past year. They became a household name here in the states with the release of the Nexus 6p. They have taken the momentum and released a few more popular devices including the Honor 5X and the GX8. The only thing that I don't love...
  2. DroidModderX

    Huawie P9 Themes For Other EMUI Devices!

    One part of the Huawei experience is the themes that are included with their devices and EMUI. They decided to hide their themes for the upcoming Huawei P9 so that they could not easily be used on other EMUI devices like the Mate 8 or Honor 7, however Pual O'Brien has made these themes available...
  3. DroidModderX

    Script Helps You Easily Debloat EMUI On The Honor 5X

    The Honor 5X only comes with 16GB of internal storage. About half of that storage is used up by EMUI and the bloat that comes with it. EMUI is heavier than it looks and tends to slow down the phone causing some nasty lags. Debloating your device could help improve speed. There is now a script...