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    OnePlus 5 Doesn't Actually Have The Advertised 2x Zoom

    Earlier we talked about how OnePlus "cheated" on benchmarks with the OP5 by arbitrarily cranked up settings when the phone detects it is running a benchmark or is under any stress. It looks like OnePlus was less than honest on one other detail. During the announcement of the phone Carl Pei...
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    Dual Camera Confirmed In Leaked OnePlus 5 Packaging!

    OnePlus has already made it clear that they will be focusing on their camera with the OnePlus 5. They have even announced that they will be working with DxOMark to make this the best possible camera experience. According to some leaked images it looks like we may be getting a dual camera...
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    Images Of S8+ With Dual Camera And Front Finger Print Sensor Surface

    A new Galaxy S8+ prototype has leaked over the weekend. We saw a few prototypes show up that included a dual lens camera setup like this one, but device in the new images is said to include an on screen fingerprint sensor. It is also missing the fingerprint scanner from the back, and the camera...
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    Honor 6X Will Only Set You Back $150!

    Huawei has been killing it in the midrange and budget sector of the market here lately. Last year the Honor 5X was one of my favorite budget devices of the year and it came in at $200. Huawei has just announced the next devices in this series the Honor 6X and it will launch at just $150! If you...