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  1. smalltowngirl13

    LG V10 on Verizon

    Verizon quietly snuck in the LG V10 - it is available this morning on their website to order for $28.00 per month or $672.00 full retail...I personally am hoping to get into the store today to see if they have stock as well. Is anyone else looking to pick up this device today? Remember, LG has...
  2. smalltowngirl13

    LG V10 Promo Deal...

    For those who are considering the LG V10, LG is offering a promo deal similar to the one offered with the LG G4. If you purchase a new LG V10 thru one of the US Carriers (AT&T, T-Mo or VZW), you will be eligible to receive a 200 GB SD card, spare 3000 mAh battery and a battery charging dock...
  3. smalltowngirl13

    Who is picking up the Droid Maxx II on release?

    Are you interested in the Droid Maxx II? Will you be picking up this device on release? What features on the device are making you think "this is the one for you"? Sound off below and let us know the answers to these questions or other things that might be on your mind for the Maxx II...
  4. smalltowngirl13

    The Official "I Got a Droid Maxx II" Thread!

    Let us know in the thread below when you get a Droid Maxx II - as always, include your thoughts about your brand new device!