1. danDroid

    Disney Is Ditching Netflix

    On Tuesday, Disney announced it is ending its partnership with Netflix in 2019, meaning its programming will be scrubbed from the service shortly thereafter. As a way to undercut the competition from its onetime ally, the company -- which owns ESPN, Marvel Entertainment, Lucas Film ltd., and...
  2. DroidModderX

    Disney Has Created A Fully Wireless Charging Solution For Phones!

    The video above demonstrates Disney's latest advancements in fully wireless charging solutions. Their "Quasistatic Cavity Resonance for Ubiquitous Wireless Power Transfer" can power up devices with no wires anywhere in a room. The room contains "purpose built structures" made of aluminum. There...
  3. DroidModderX

    Fan Made Indiana Jones Cartooon Is Incredible

    In unrelated but awesome news Patrick Shoenmaker has released a short 1 minute and a half intro to what would be an incredible Indian Jones animated series. He has spent the past 5 years perfecting this very piece and it looks like his work has payed off. The Indiana Jones franchise as we know...