1. DroidModderX

    Google Offering Free Pixel Replacements To Harvey Victims

    In an over the top move Google has decided to offer relief support to Hurricane Harvey victims in the form of free Pixel replacement phones. One of the most frequent Pixel complaints was that it didn't ship with any type of water resistance. With record breaking amounts of rain much of Houston...
  2. Jonny Kansas

    Deadline looms for Verizon's open enrollment in Device Protection

    Let's face it. Accidents happen. Things get stolen. If you're carrying your beloved device around without protection, these things may be a life-altering occurrence. Months ago, my wife talked me in to upgrading her to a Galaxy S7. While we were in the store getting the phone, they offered...
  3. DroidModderX

    Samsung Gear VR Gate?! Could Permenantely Damage Your Smartphone!

    Another week, another headline eye catching clickbate gate! The Samsung Gear VR is at the top of my Christmas list, and this little bit of news won't change that. Some users on reddit are reporting that the VR headset can burn your screen causing irreparable damage. These users are reporting...