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    Lenovo A3300 cant delete format or uninstall

    Hi, I am in need of serious help since yesterday my lenovo a3300 tablet running android kitkat started crashing all the apps together and then it's hard to navigate through tablet bcoz of all that pop up of app crashed its written in popup "on top of it it says Time And Below it says...
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    Current Apps that Crash

    In my endeavor to learn how to test android apps, I’d like to see some android apps that crash. Does anyone know of any apps that consistently crash that I could use to test with? I need to record the screen activity and view the logs when the crash occurs. I’m testing on an LG Transpyre...
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    Solved Having serious issues with settings app crashing

    When I open the App Manager it completely dies. Permissions are altogether unuseable, it says something about screen overlays, then it dies. (Android 6.0) Actually the problem I was trying to solve when I found out that this was bork'd was the new dialer app I got not being allowed to dial. I...