1. Z

    How to restore 'Open tabs' after android crash

    Hi, I hope you can help me. My android crashed while there were many open tabs in Chrome. Using computer if I look at, it says I have 1628 open tabs (refer to the image) but in the browser on my main PC I have only a few which were opened after the crash. If I look at...
  2. A

    Unfortunately app stopped on multiple apps

    My friend has a Nook, and has been playing games on it fine up until Monday. Now it won’t let her play FreeCell. I tested other apps, and most others also have the same issue (Firefox, Twitter, etc.). I receive a message that says “unfortunately app (it names it) stopped, and it goes back to...
  3. DroidModderX

    vCard Filled With Code Kills Your iMessage App

    There is a new bug that has been revealed in iMessage. The bug allows you to disable the anyone's iMessage by sending them a particular vCard. The vCard is filled with lines of code. There are 14,381 lines of code to be exact. Upon opening the vCard iMessage freaks out due to the shear volume of...
  4. DroidModderX

    5 Second Video Crashes Your Friends iPhone

    Just in time for the holidays we have a new iPhone prank. If you really want to get the blood of your favorite iPhone user boiling just text them this little 5 second video clip. The mp4 video happens to be corrupt. Just 10 seconds after playing the video the iPhone that played it will begin to...