1. DroidModderX

    Discover Card Finally Added To Samsung Pay

    Samsung Pay has steadily become a way of life for me. It works at just about every store that I shop at. When it doesn't work it is normally the cashier's fault for pressing the wrong button, and a little education solves that. If I could use it with recessed card readers, like at the gas pump...
  2. DroidModderX

    HUGE DEAL: 128GB Samsung Micro SD Card

    Samsung has some of the best SD Cards around. If you are looking to add some storage to your new Note 7, HTC 10, or LG G5 you will be happy to know that Samsung currently has some deep discounts on their micro SD-cards. The 128GB Class 10 Micro SD Card is currently only $41.95 with free Amazon...
  3. DroidModderX

    Samsung Pay Hacked! Allows Your Credit Card To Be Skimmed

    I can't say that I didn't see this coming. Once again we have a lab created hack performed by a security researcher. This time the vulnerability has been found in the security of Samsung Pay. The hack that was discovered is actually quite alarming though since it would enable the hacker to...