1. C3-PO

    Phone Still Rings After Answering

    I have no idea what is causing this, but when I have an incoming call, sometimes it keeps vibrating after I've answered the call. So while I'm trying to talk to the person, the phone keeps vibrating in my ear. Very annoying. At first I though, since I have Hangouts Dialer installed, that my...
  2. DroidModderX

    Blocking Unwanted Calls On Android!

    Everyone gets those pesky telemarketing calls from time to time. Who knows how they get your number. They may have acquired it from a contest you entered online, from a craigslist posting, or some online service that secretly sold your info to a 3rd party. There are also those people who...
  3. F

    Free copies of Root Call Blocker Pro at G+ thread!

    Root Call Blocker is a call and SMS blocker for root users, one of a few specialized apps on the Play store. It has some unique features not available in traditional call blockers, such as special call reject modes, silent blocking, not needing to be set as the default SMS app and in-call...