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    Bootloop - Recover Samsung Galaxy S2 - T817 5.1.1

    Greetings! I've managed to brick my Samsung S2 T817 (5.1.1). I'm stuck in one of two bootloops. 1) Your device didn't update successfully use the Verizon Software Repair Assistant... 2) ODIN Mode Download Speed: FAST Product Name: SM-T817V Current Binary: Samsung Official Downloading...
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    Bricked HTC one

    Hi all, I am a complete noob, so please bear with me! I have a rooted htc one m7 that is the unlocked gsm varient. I tried restoring my device by using the wipe function on TWRP recovery, but wiped the system file.Now my phone wont turn on, its stuck on the HTC logo! Please help i am literally...
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    HTC ONE X deleted operating system

    I accidently deleted the operating system on my HTC ONE X, I had tried to jailbreak my phone but after doing so my phone started freezing so I attempted to delete the jailbreak and now my phone has no operating system I can get to the Team Win Recovery Screen but am unable to press on anything...