1. C

    Looking for a robust phone migration tool

    When I moved from my S5 to my Pixel a couple of years ago, the Helium app was the only method I could find to transfer all my data (app no longer in the Play Store, etc.) from phone to phone. Now as I contemplate a Pixel 3 purchase, I can't get Helium on my to see my phone. My phone is running...
  2. DroidModderX

    Google Deletes Your Android Backup After Two Months Of Inactivity?

    A reddit user who had been using an iPhone for a few months while waiting on a replacement for his Nexus 6P pointed out that when he went to his Google Drive account to check on his backup of the device it was nowhere to be found. Apparently when you back up your Android device the backup file...
  3. T

    Samsung S6 Marshmallow Update Issue-Fingerprint wiping the Phone with no Warning after 5th Attempt!

    Samsung S6 Marshmallow Update Issue-Fingerprint wiping the Phone with no Warning after 5th Attempt! We have Google MDM Device Policy on the phones to manage the deivces. Was absolutely fine Since updating to Marshallow v6, we are getting so many phone wipes. I'm sure Samsung needs to release...
  4. DroidModderX

    Huawei Backup, An EMUI App, Lands On The Play Store

    Huawei has done a pretty decent job with their in house version of Android "EMUI". For the most part the UI is unobtrusive and runs quite smoothly on highly speced devices. Today Huawei announced they would be bringing an app from EMUI to the Play Store. It isn't uncommon for OEMs to upload...
  5. DroidModderX

    Google Photos Shortcut Built Into Camera With New Update!

    Alongside the Nexus 6P announcement a few months ago Google announced some pretty awesome new Google Photos features. One of the main new additions to Photos was the fact that you are able to store unlimited high quality images for life! This would make it the go to cloud storage option, or at...
  6. DroidModderX

    Installing TWRP On The Lenovo Zuk Z1

    I have had the privilege of using the Zuk Z1 for the past few weeks. For a plastic budget phone this device is super sturdy and doesn't look or feel cheap. The best part is that this phone runs CyanogenOS natively. CyanogenOS is pretty great. It performs well and battery life is great. You also...
  7. DroidModderX

    Google Photos Helps You Make The Most Of Your 16GB Device!

    Now that flagship devices are no longer coming with expandable storage options for the most part most people would be better off to spend a little extra money on devices with extra storage built in. However if you really want that new smartphone and don't have the extra $100 or so to spend on...
  8. DroidModderX

    Titanium Backup Now Supported On Android 6.0 Marshmallow

    For most of us the need to root our devices is not as urgent as it once was. Most people who rooted back in the day basically did it for a free hot spot. Hot Spot is included in most tiered data plans these days. Others rooted to overclock their cpu which is no longer necessary thanks to high...