1. DroidModderX

    New Application Performance Class 1 A1 Memory Cards From SanDisk

    When big OEMs began to remove the sdcard reader from their flagship lineups one of the main reasons was that apps stored there wouldn't perform well since micro sdcards were slower than built in storage. The pitch was to buy more onboard storage for use with apps and to just back up photos and...
  2. V

    Any WPS server application?

    Hi all, My Android Version : 6.0.1 I want the application for wps,by using this application my android phone working as a server or wifi provider or master or router. Can anyone provide some application.?
  3. ashley80

    Game Pre-registration application

    hi! anyone here who plays plantswar2, game of dice ,and astrowings blitz? I'm looking for someone to talk to about them so I can recommend the application I use. search EXP Game in google playstore. from there you can select different games you like and pre-register, get updates. and guess what...