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    is it possible to merge all settings

    on my deceased husbands samsung 5 with my samsung 7 active and keep both settings/passwords/etc. he has things I need on his phone (& mine) to continue paying bills (both our emails.web addresses)... I Don't want to overwrite mine.... Thank you
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    How to Back-Up files to my SD card to FREE UP SPACE on my phone

    All I want to do, is to transfer "Photos & Videos" to my SD card, do that I can "Free Up" space on my Alcatel 7 Android Cell phone. And yes, the SD card is ALREADY FORMATTED, and I have already transfered files to it which I CAN ACCESS in my phone. [ Although, for the LIFE of me, I can't...
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    Hello friends, Have you ever installed viper4android on a grand prime it working with it well?