1. DroidModderX

    "Emergency Access" Allows Trusted People To Access Your LastPass Passwords

    LastPass is the one stop shop for password management. If you are like me then the only bill you don't pay online is the water bill, and that is because they simply don't have the option. For each bill you have you also have an online account that is accessed with a username and password. Those...
  2. DroidModderX

    Nearly 75% of Android Devices Can Be Accessed By Google If Court Ordered

    It seems that older versions of Android which do not use full disk encryption can be remotely accessed by Google. The passcodes can also be bypassed using any of a variety of forensic techniques. Google is even able to reset passcodes remotely. This can be done if Google is court ordered. This...
  3. Duke of Advil

    Setting up tablets for kids.

    I picked up a couple tablets over the weekend for my boys (5&6) from the Verizon store for almost nothing, and I was looking for an app to restrict their access to parts of the device where I can keep Internet and playstore out of their hands. They had nooks we got them a couple years ago and...