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    Official CWM by Koush

    beat me to it lol
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    Charge Bricked Droid 3

    Might try radio shack or bestby I'm sure they got something that will work Who needs 4g?
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    Is the Droid 3 being ignored by the modding community?

    lets kill this discussion right now shall we KShen1 Many of you keep asking for ETA on CM7..I'll break the rules once and only once: about 2-3 weeks. The more devs, the better. 9/17/11 10:41 PM
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    Confirmed: clockwork works on my droid 3.

    hold the M while you hit the power button from a power off state then go down (using the volume down to scroll vol up to select) to bp tool that will take you into CWM it took mine about 2min to go into it so be patient and thats where you will make you backups and flash the ROMs (when they...
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    free wifi tethering?

    no they will not work with the new GB update.....u can get easytether from the market and use it for free its wired though but i use it all the time
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    Clockwork Mod Recovery

    Yea that's how I always am with new releases I wait till they are ran for a week or 2 to make sure no major bugs pop up and it saves me a bunch of trouble doing so but I ope it comes out soon enough
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    Clockwork Mod Recovery

    that just makes me feel all tingly inside HAHA
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    no the question was to NOT sync ALL the contacts from facebook just to sync with existing contacts and the way I stated above is how I found out how to do it
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    Clockwork Mod Recovery

    did you notice hes running a rom as well? look at the notification bar when the phone comes on its like the old GB themes
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    ok right after I posted this I figured it out but passed out b4 I could post it up lol you have to add your facebook account threw the accounts then go into your contacts>menu>display options>and you will see facebook under "choose contacts to display" and if you tap it a drop down comes and...
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    has anyone figured out how to just sync existing contacts and NOT your hole facebook page?
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    Show a screen shot of your d3

    Sent from my DROID3 using DroidForums
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    Show a screen shot of your d3

    how did you get the stock clock off the lock screen? and what clock widget is that? thanx
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    Has anyone tried this? NIteUI «
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    What is RSD?

    thats what you would think but 1s you do an sbf for the 1st time u will realize how easy it is as well....but yes a sbf file is in lamen terms a "picture" of the current software on your phone so that if u mess it up or "brick" it you can flash that and it will just like you took it out of the...
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    What is RSD?

    this is the write up i used the 1st time I did it but I think the most up to date rsd lite is 5.4.3 and you DONT have to open as admin bc its already set to that since the 4.7 version was released but this is a very good 1st walk threw guide
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    Imo ic that happening for sure I think everyone out there will be doing the same thing Sent from my DROID3 using DroidForums
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    I hope we aren't for roms and themes 1s a sbf does come out since the bionic hit Sent from my DROID3 using DroidForums
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    2 ? For soak testers when update comes out

    -no you dont have to take it but as stated below it will remind you about 5 times a day -yes you can get it later as well but again gotta deal with it reminding you -after you take an "official" OTA update you can NOT go back to what you have now bc if you flash the sbf that comes out for the...
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    How do i unroot?

    and works very easy I had to do it the other day took it about 5min to finish