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    Upgrade questions

    I'm on a family plan with my sister and mom, my upgrade is available. If I upgrade is it going to remove my unlimited data? Second, is there anything rumored to be coming to verizon in the near future? I don't want a galaxy s4, I'm hoping HTC or moto has said something. I want a phone made of metal
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    Insurance question about a gnex

    I have my gnexus insured but if something were to happen to it what phone would they replace it with since it's not longer being made? My first guess is a refurb but I don't know if thats correct
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    New phone for Christmas?

    Going back to the droid would definitely be a painful experience imo. I love that phone but it's just WAY too dated
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    What do you look for now in a smartphone? Have your views changed?

    I've noticed that my needs in a smartphone have drastically changed over the years. I used to be all about rooting and romming. I wanted to customize everything and maximize everything. Then when I got over the hyper customization phase, I only rooted and rommed to get things like better battery...
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    when will android manufacturers step up build quality?

    I understand some people like plastic, but form those of us who prefer metal, android feels severely lacking. Its pretty much moto as the only option
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    when will android manufacturers step up build quality?

    I have a galaxy nexus, and while I like it, Im really getting tired of the build quality. Its so plastic. I find I'm starting to prefer build quality over anything else. I know moto usually has good quality but HTC and especially Samsung have left me disappointed. I think if were paying so much...
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    Idk what I just did, lost everything

    Ok so I made the mistake of wiping and made multiple 0 folders, I was able to find my backups but I don't know how to start them. If I hit install, I can find the backup but I click it and nothing happens. If I hit restore, it goes to an empty list I can find it in my clockwork mod folder...
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    Idk what I just did, lost everything

    I tried TWRP, all my backups are gone edit: I was able to get my camera pics back but I had a lot of pictures in my downloads folder which is now gone. I'd really like to just restore to where I was, this rom is a bit laggy
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    Idk what I just did, lost everything

    So I've been on CM10 nightlies for a while now. I decided I wanted to get 4.2 so I downloaded jelly belly 10.1, JB bootloader, new radios, everything it said to do. I wiped and flashed but I forgot to flash gapps and the rom was a bit laggy anyways so I just wanted to restore to the backup I...
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    Screenshots of peoples Droid desktops?

    Where do you guys get your wallpapers from? I've looked on deviant art but I can't seem to find the right size images for my gnexus
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    Motorola Droid to Thunderbolt....what phone is next for me?

    I'd take a look at the RAZR HD maxx. If I was to get a new phone right now, that's what I would choose.
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    Who still enjoys their Phone?

    I still enjoy it. I don't like the plastic body however. I envy phones like the RAZR HD
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    best battery?

    I'm on cm10 and I have fairly bad battery life and I can figure out why. My phone is entering deep sleep just fine but phone idle is absolutely destroying me battery. I just want a ROM that's fast and has great battery life. Bells and whistles aren't necessary. Suggestions?
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    Metal Chassis / Case

    So I love my gnexus but I hate that it's plastic. It makes it feel cheap to me. I'm going to have this phone a pretty long time. Is there any company that will actually replace the plastic chassis with a metal one? I'm probably going to have this phone well past my upgrade (which is a year and a...
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    is there any way to get clean contact pics?

    I use syncmypix to grab them from Facebook but they're very blurry when I get a call of view a contact. I also tried putting them manually in from my gallery. That made it a bit better but still very blurry. Is there a way to make them clear?
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    Screenshots of peoples Droid desktops?

    Decided to make everything more simple and monochromatic
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    Screenshots of peoples Droid desktops?

    Gotta love banksy
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    Any way to support emoji outside of third party apps?

    I just got the latest CM10 nightly and discovered it already supports emoji read and write and can be enabled in the stock SMS options. Thanks for the help though, I appreciate it edit: Actually I ran into a roadblock. I got the set of emoji's I wanted but I cant seem to get rid of the...
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    Any way to support emoji outside of third party apps?

    My girlfriend and I use emoji constantly. She has an iPhone I obviously have a gnexus. Is there anyway I can use emoji with the stock messaging app? All the third party messaging apps feel so clunky. I'm using go SMS and I hate it. For some reason I think I remember cm9 being able to receive...
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    Screenshots of peoples Droid desktops?

    Do you mind posting the wallpaper in the first pic