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  1. cpjr

    Is the Droid X sub-forum going away?

    They will stay Droid X forums. DX2 forums will be new forums. PS- There are several D1 forums.
  2. cpjr

    DROID X or HTC Thundebolt?

    Im rooted, running a custom ROM and OVERCLOCKED to 1.5ghz. Now, with that said, I have brightness set to AUTO, 4G ON (which I actually get service on about 50% of the time), GPS and WiFi ON, etc, etc,...... And get over 12 hours on a charge. And the phone gets USED....I run 2 companies and its...
  3. cpjr

    DROID X or HTC Thundebolt?

    That would blow. Fortunately the TB gets much better battery life than that. I get 12-15+ hours on the stock battery.
  4. cpjr

    Hackathon in NYC

    Thanks spammy spammerson.
  5. cpjr

    DROID X or HTC Thundebolt?

    TB fo sho. And it comes with a 32gb card pre-installed.
  6. cpjr

    custome roms for thunderbolt?

    Well since he wont ;) I'll give you that answer.... Big Hint: Look in the Thunderbolt ROMs forum on this site, instead of posting this in completely the wrong forum.
  7. cpjr

    How does newbie to Verizon get a better retail deal on TB?

    Your not going to get any type of deal from Verizon, other then whatever their advertised price for the TB is with a contract.
  8. cpjr

    What's Verizon telling "uninformed" iPhone buyers?

    Verizon reps arent very bright....but honestly consumers need to do more homework before purchasing something and signing a contract for it, IMHO.
  9. cpjr

    iPhone4 secretly stores every location you ever visit

    Ohhh do I get tired of Apple hate threads.
  10. cpjr

    Ringtone and amazon

    My favorite for ringtones and such is actually an app called "Ringtone" by Mopo ringtone studio.
  11. cpjr

    Music player not working without headphones

    External speaker should work. Do you hear other sounds from the speaker? Sounds like it could be an issue with the phone (hardware), maybe the headphone jack.
  12. cpjr

    I used Windex on my that okay??

    Like stated above, yes the cleaner is harmful to an LCD screen, but the LCD in the TB (or any phone) is protected by, well in the case of the Tb, gorilla glass....and is perfectly fine to wipe with a mild cleaner. I have always used Windex, daily, on every cell phone Ive ever had without any...
  13. cpjr

    72 Hrs and 50% Batter Life Left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Or say after 72hrs he has 50% battery left :icon_eek:
  14. cpjr

    72 Hrs and 50% Batter Life Left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nope. Power off pawns airplane mode. PS- I get 12-15 hours out of the stock battery. 4G on (signal about 50% of the time), nothing else turned off, brightness set to auto, etc, etc.... Which is great.
  15. cpjr

    Any cool new APPS ?

    Any reason this is posted in multiple forums?
  16. cpjr

    I used Windex on my that okay??

    And probably wouldnt care if yeah did ;)
  17. cpjr

    Not feeling the bolt anymore.

    Uhhh, yeah 30 days would be great, but I for one could decide in 14...........or 2.
  18. cpjr

    I used Windex on my that okay??

    Windex will do nothing. I have always used it to wipe off my phones for years, daily...never, ever had an issue. Granted, Ive probably never kept a phone over about a year, but still.
  19. cpjr

    OG Droid (3G) to TB (LTE) will I get a stronger signal?

    4G has nothing to do with voice. And you'll get a good 4G signal for data, if, well, there is good service there. Which no one would be able to tell you.