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    [Contest] Win A Copy Of Gremote

    Its free in the market....not sure how this is a giveaway.
  2. J

    P3Droid: Some Food for Thought - Bootloaders, Rooting, Manufacturers, and Carriers

    Once again P3 is trying to play the android fans like his own personal internet fiddle. I'm glad some people don't buy into hype and fearmongering, can't wait to hear P3Droid's response to all this, he has a reputation to uphold ya' know.... Last time I said anything half this site nearly ate...
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    [Updated] New HTC Refresh Lineup Revealed - Incredible S, Desire S, Wildfire S

    I love how HTC can manufacture decent upgrades that are spot on with the power-curve for mobile OS's. Nothing extravigantly new to set itself above the rest, yet they seem to own the market (imo). Unlike Moto, Sammy, and LG who struggle to make hardware improvements over software and UI...
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    A Real 3D UI For Next Generation Of 3D Smartphones

    The biggest problem with 3D tech right now is the viewing angles. For TV this is a big problem as most households sit around the TV and only one or two seats are properly situated to get a good 3D effect. Now with mobile phones you will almost always be directly in front of the small screen...
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    Get the 2.3 Gingerbread Launcher for your 2.2 Android

    This is only the launcher, it iis pretty responsive but stock so no ADW or LP goodies attached. If you are interested in the 2.3 keyboard which is VERY nice imho then check out this link. Download: Gingerbread Keyboard for Rooted Devices (Updated) - Droid Life: A Droid Community Blog
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    Android Skins: Beautiful, or only skin deep?

    +1 Couldn't have said it better myself.
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    Android Tablet news round-up - 9/3/2010

    My wife is an author and I got her one this week, she just has to waait till Tuesday for delivery. We probably are the minority on this one though.
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    Android Tablet news round-up - 9/3/2010

    I see your point, but I still think my phone does all that just fine and a tablet without the above mentioned functionality is an extra gadget that doesn't fill a technological gap that smartphones are missing. And on a side note, an Eee-PC is not comparable to what I'm looking at...price aside...
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    Android Tablet news round-up - 9/3/2010

    Am I in the minority when I think that tablets with mobile OS's like the iPad, Android, and WebOS are kitchy and useless. Personally if it doesn't have a full OS like Win7, OSX, or a full linux distro I don't find them to be truly useful. I don't want apps, I want programs, a stylus...
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    I voet for the name to be changed from Project Durden to Project Dateless

    I have an idea, lets open a thread specifically to bash devs and what they do or don't do based off your perception. Or we could drink a big cup of [mod edit]....Unless you do something for the community (provide code, walkthroughs, test developmental releases, etc) I don't think opening a...
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    Leak Updates

    I would agree with you guys that BLUR and Swype were the reasons except neither of those were on FRF57. Its a good call, and I'm not going to completely count it out. But I still think its more because they don't like the massive security hole they have with an engineer or engineers leaking...
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    Leak Updates

    Its possible that Motorola is mearly miffed about an employee constantly leaking builds of their software and are trying to put the stop to it. It's quite obvious that MDW has a specific link to all the proprietary software that is being stolen from their company, the easiest way to stop the...
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    help with droid

    Certain areas you won't be able to start new threadsin unless you are a mod, like forum news or faqs. This is to ensure those places don't get cluttered. However if you creat somethiing new and useful it will be moved there by mods.
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    Verizon aiming at Sprint with "Everything Unlimited" $99 plan

    This is all until 4G rolls out on the Verizon LTE network, unless they decided against tiered data plans.
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    sadly....returning Droid2....what to get?

    Id just get the incredible. At this point there is little reason to buy a D1 unless you want a large hacking community behind you. The Incredible is hacked, so there is promise there....and the hardware is just that much better. The only thing the Incredible doesn't have is a keyboard, if you...
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    Trying to get rooted phone back to stock, phone freaking out!

    I'm tired and going to bed so I hope this gets you where you are going, if not someone else here can probably get you going. 1. You could try a wifi connection on your phone to get internet. 2. You could download it to your pc and push it to your sdcard and install from there.
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    Trying to get rooted phone back to stock, phone freaking out!

    Hope this helps you out, I have never unrooted myself but this should work. Download ROM Manager from the market: Choose Download ROM Choose Stock Images Decide which you want (2.2 or 2.0.1) Ensure you DON'T add the SU binaries or you will get rooted again Let ROM Manager do all the work for...
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    2.2 ota update push

    I may be reading your question wrong though, am I right in the following assumptions: 1. You are running UD6 (Froyo) 2. There is a notification on your Droid for an OTA 3. You would like to unroot and run the stock froyo being pushed to your phone instead of being rooted on UD6. 4. You want to...
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    Droid2 Antennagate?

    I hope you are right.
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    Help! Moto Droid slightly bricked

    Try this: --Settings--Wireless & network--Mobile networks Ensure that "Data Enabled" is checked, this provides 3G data. If this option isn't checked you have no internet. Also, this is an option on my Rooted CM6 RC3 phone and my not be available on the ROM you are running. At the bare...