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    Google's Gmail Hit With Service Disruption

    I still won't go back to Yahoo or Hotmail
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    Sony Reveals QX Camera Lenses; Converts Smartphones to Full Cameras

    ok ill say it... this is ugly
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    Verizon Officially Confirms August 29th As Moto X Release Date & $200 Contract Price

    no im not interested but thanks for asking
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    Verizon Galaxy S4 VRUAME7 Official Changelog Published

    verizon is at it again :icon_ nono2::icon_ nono2::icon_ nono2::icon_ nono2:
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    cwm recovery or twrp recovery?

    easy answer fat fingers = twrp
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    Regular Galaxy S4 & HTC One Versions Will Work with their Google Edition Firmware

    Leaving verizon after 13 years and joining tmobile has been a great decision for me and the family. Lets play around and root the sg4 now...mmm normal or skinned what to do
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    T-Mobile Invites to a Big Press Event on July 10; Teases 'boldest moves yet'

    After 13 years with verizon I jumped ship. Best decision ever.... im so pleased with tmobile and I cant wait to see what this bold move is all about.
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    Unlimited data on Verizon going away by the end of the year!

    after 13 years i bit the bullet and left verizon. went to tmobile and to my surprise, its data speeds are doubled at my house (rural area) went from paying 99 with verizon to 80 and unlimited everything (no throttle). im now sporting an SG4 and ready to move the rest of the family over. PS...
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    Has The “Un-Carrier” Changed Me?

    Yes i just switched and i am so surprised how good their service is, way better than verizon (i was with verizon for 13 years) at home the 4G speeds are twice as fast for me. i have unlimited everything (no throttle) for less than my grandfathered account with big red. if you are with verizon i...
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    T-Mobile Drops Galaxy S4 Price by $50 Bucks; Now $100 + Monthly Payments

    i went ahead and got this deal. and to my surprise (and with pain in my heart i have to say this) I GET BETTER VOICE/DATA THAN VERIZON. i have been a verizon customer for over 13 years and i preached that verizon had the best service until yesterday. where i live (rural area) t-mobile is doing...
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    [Follow-Up] Google Calls Out US Government on NSA Spying Issue

    i love that google is at least doing something. anybody else wants to join in?
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    Motorola Goes Deep with Bizarre New Tech Ideas: Digital Tattoos and Smart Pills

    something made from that infrared ink used in some places would be ok.
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    [Rumor] HTC is Considering Offering Vanilla Android ROM to Current HTC One Owners

    if this ends up being true it will completely turn around my view and feelings towards htc.
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    Internet Joke Pokes Fun at Google while it Joins The Chuck Norris Fan-Club

    loved chuck norris on the expendables 2 he killed the enemy army by himself
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    Cyber Monday Sales Soar to Record High of $2 Billion

    arent we in a recession?? what recession?:icon_ banana:
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    Google Play Store Reviews Now Require Your Google Plus Account

    love it!!!!!! thanks for the find dgstorm