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  1. DessoThumbs

    S8 issues..

    Not hating here, got my S8+ due for delivery tomorrow by 8 PM; Fed-Ex. I was pretty ok with Samsung already blocking the ability to re-map the Bixby button (after all, Bixby may turn out to be alright); as for the location of the finger print scanner being directly beside the shutter, I plan to...
  2. DessoThumbs

    S5 for a reason..

    At the beach (Oak Island, NC) this past weekend and my S4 screen cracked. $()|%!! Even though I've never used a case I'm 100% anal with all my toys, equipment, etc. I'm always very careful removing every phone I've ever had from my pocket and always careful where ever I set it down. I spend...
  3. DessoThumbs

    Color TOO saturated with "red push" IMHO

    I've tried all the screen settings and 1080P videos look too red. Cinema is of course, the best but to me it looks more saturated than the S4. Any suggestions/apps/etc. that may help. I'm a stickler for accurate color and this isn't cutting it. IMHO of course. I'd love to have the...
  4. DessoThumbs

    camera has blurry focus?

    It's definitely not the camera it was hyped to be. My wife (iPhone 4s) and I are all the time taking the same pics of the same subjects etc. for texting to the girls. My S4 takes almost as good pictures outside but not nearly as good indoors. I've been taking pictures for 40 years so it's not...
  5. DessoThumbs

    New Update?

    Don't get me wrong; I'm loving my S4 even more than I thought I would and even using TW which I thought I wouldn't. With that in mind, I'd love an update that would address the "gimmicks" (eye recognition mostly - scrolling web pages better and pausing vids, etc.) as well as improving the...
  6. DessoThumbs

    Please Help: MAJOR BATTERY DRAIN TODAY: "Media Server"

    I followed the great advice of this thread and moved what I wanted to save to a local folder; let the phone format my 64GB card and then moved just what I wanted to have on the phone back. (mostly homemade ringtones). I had a bunch of HD Shows and Movies - mainly to show of the phenom screen...
  7. DessoThumbs

    Please Help: MAJOR BATTERY DRAIN TODAY: "Media Server"

    Thanks FoxKat for the great reply. As they say, misery loves company. The fact that it's most likely not my phone messed up is a big relief. I'll give it a bit; I just rebooted and keep an eye on it.
  8. DessoThumbs

    Please Help: MAJOR BATTERY DRAIN TODAY: "Media Server"

    My battery is down to 30% in just 7 hours. Checking the battery info shows that MEDIA SERVER is the culprit. A google reveals many possible things to try. Has anyone seen this or maybe can recommend where to start to help this issue?? AS ALWAYS, TIA!
  9. DessoThumbs

    Wireless Charging on your SGS4 in 20 minutes...

    Wow! I read the title and thought .. the phone took 20 secs to charge!!.. LOL Thanks for the info, sounds like a cool way to charge without the cat chewing up the cord (I forget to put mine away occasionally).
  10. DessoThumbs

    any of you experiencing any lag

    Any lag that my phone has (undetected by me so far) would be completely outweighed by the screen. It's phenomenal. I was expecting the least favorite aspect to me would be the heavy wrapper, but honestly it's got it's good points.
  11. DessoThumbs

    [HACKS] [HOW TO] Root your Verizon Galaxy S4

    Any major advantages for rooting right now? I'm sure you can freeze/remove bloat ware, but is the phone more responsive, faster DLs, etc. Any disadvantages? I had my OG Driod rooted (by typing in tons of code from the physical keyboard) and am wondering if I should root my S4? I'm not...
  12. DessoThumbs

    Change Device feature in gallery?

    It's the little icon of a square (screen) with a signal going into it from the left. I was looking at a picture in the gallery and touched on it and it popped up on my 55 inch sony led in the living room with the whole family watching TV. THANK god it wasn't of a wardrobe challenged model or...
  13. DessoThumbs

    S4 freezes after being charged

    I'd venture to guess it's happening because (for whatever reason) by one or the other or a combination of the apps you mentioned. I'd try uninstalling them and see if it happens again. If it does, I'd return the phone for a new one. Just a guess, and that's probably how I'd proceed. It would...
  14. DessoThumbs

    Video calling app like Facetime for S4?

    I'll have to admit that Facetime is smooth as silk with good Wi-Fi connections. My daughter was in Germany for a while and her and my wife both have iPhones. My daughter and I tried other apps but they weren't nearly as good. I wouldn't trade my S4 for two i5s though!
  15. DessoThumbs

    camera not that great...

    The camera KILLS anything Moto ever put out; but it doesn't (IMHO) live up to the hype that everything I read before it came out led me to believe. Maybe it's because I had not long before purchased a WX150 - Sony point and shoot. I know it's a dedicated camera with a zoom lens and I guess...
  16. DessoThumbs

    s4 first impressions

    I think a lot of people got a bad taste in their mouth when Motorola took forever getting the Bionic out and then released the Razr right on it's heals. Not to mention FOREVER in getting updates rolled out. I'm probably done with them too.
  17. DessoThumbs

    Post pictures taken with your Galaxy S4

    I see a *very* thin protective covering that is rectangular around the lens itself, but it has a circular cut out for the lens. Is there something even smaller/thinner that covers the lens? THANKS.
  18. DessoThumbs

    None of my air gestures are working.

    They're pretty much hit or miss for me as well. For the eye tracking stuff you have to be in good light. And, probably a redundant hint: make sure all the appropriate settings are checked.
  19. DessoThumbs

    Post pictures taken with your Galaxy S4

    Quick shot from the car this morning on the way to the grocery store. Lake Front Property