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  1. 1coopgt

    Google Music Driving Me Berserk

    Pure awesome right there . Always loved when it would change tracks in the middle of the song . ROFL
  2. 1coopgt

    Droid Turbo to get Marshmallow starting 12/14/15?

    Don't sweat it. Your heart was in the right place. We all know that .
  3. 1coopgt

    Droid Turbo to get Marshmallow starting 12/14/15?

    Where in that article you linked did it say the Turbo was getting Marshmallow on the 14th ? Considering there hasn't been a soak test for it on the Turbo I kind of doubt it . I'm thinking May/June time frame for the 2014 turbo.
  4. 1coopgt

    Motorola Chrome Connect Extension to be retired

    Well that sucks . I actually like that feature .
  5. 1coopgt

    Insured or risk taker what's your angle?

    Ahh I didn't notice you had the BB Blue edition . Saw some where Verizon wasn't supporting the Screen Assurance program on them.
  6. 1coopgt

    Insured or risk taker what's your angle?

    You get 1 free Screen replacement through Verizon . Take it in and get the phone replaced . If they give you a hard time look on there website under the Turbo . You don't need to use your insurance .
  7. 1coopgt

    Turbo quit

    Good to hear . That's the important part .
  8. 1coopgt

    Does anyone else have this issue??

    This right here ..... I had it all locked down except for "notify me of public networks"
  9. 1coopgt

    Turbo quit

    See if you can get it into recovery mode by holding the power button and the volume down button in at the same time . IF you can get into that I think you can get to safe mode from there .
  10. 1coopgt

    Off topic, kinda

    I took the upgrade to 10 and switched back to 8.1 after a month . IF you don't mind losing you privacy and letting MS totally dominating you PC go for it . I'm waiting now until smarter people than I figure out all the thing to turn off in the operating system to gain your privacy back and they...
  11. 1coopgt

    Droid Turbo 2?

    Interesting . So a bigger screen & processor . But they made the battery smaller than our Turbo's .
  12. 1coopgt

    Looking a good notification drop down toggle like the lg g4 has but want it to work on turbo

    I kind of think you may be on your own with this one . This is a Turbo forum and I have a feeling 95% of us have probably never owned a G4 . I'm thinking you probably should have stuck with the G4 since you keep trying to turn the Turbo into one . The notification setup on the turbo works great...
  13. 1coopgt

    Anyway to add shortcuts to droid lock screen similar to the lg g4

    ai.type keyboard plus . Been using it for quite a while really like it .
  14. 1coopgt

    Stay off, wifi!

    Click the three dots in the upper right hand corner of WIFI.
  15. 1coopgt

    Stay off, wifi!

    Go into WIFI / Advanced settings and turn off the search for wifi .
  16. 1coopgt

    Google Spotlight Player now available for the Droid Turbo (maybe others)

    Rofl you are going to look like and idiot standing in the middle of the airport spinning around looking at your phone. People will be looking at you wondering what's wrong with you . LOL Help is awesome . J/K But yea you are going to look like your dancing with your self enjoy. :)
  17. 1coopgt

    Update Message

    I got the same update message mid week last week also .
  18. 1coopgt

    Google Spotlight Player now available for the Droid Turbo (maybe others)

    Holy Crap. That's cool as hell . I just watched the Help Movie . Very cool.:)
  19. 1coopgt

    Missing a Lollipop 5.1 Feature

    No one but me uses my phone so I could care less about Guest mode being missing .
  20. 1coopgt

    Is Turbo really TURBO ?

    I've been using my Turbo Charger since I got the phone last Oct . Use it every night . The battery is fine .