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  1. doublea500

    VZW LG G2 Cases

    I am unable to find any cases/screen protectors (sadly) that are not on the verizon website. I always see the cases verizon sells as poorly made and expensive. What cases/screen protectors are you guys getting?
  2. doublea500

    Please help!!! Panicking!!

    nothing to wory about. First of all, im sure that wipes dont clean the data thats not in the system. meaning that everything you see when you plug in your phone is in the .sd card (sd card folder) and your phone doesnt wipe anything there. That is ofcourse if you did a wipe in CWM and not a...
  3. doublea500

    Problem copying ROM to Gnex?

    your doing something wrong. i may not be reading correctly, but you are not supposed to drag the file into the root of your device. Make sure you do a nandroid backup before you do anything!!! give me the procedure you are taking in doing this and ill tell you where you are going wrong.
  4. doublea500

    [Flashaholic's] what's your ROM setup routine?

    very simple. heres my process. 1 download rom 2 clear data and then flash rom 3 sign in to google, then reboot 4 wait a few minutes 5 tibu 6 enjoy the rom/test. takes me about an hour, including the fact that half the time im not looking at the phone.
  5. doublea500

    [HACKS] [Toolkit] Nexus Root Toolkit v1.6.0 [Updated 11/26/12]

    hey wug, so i went over to his house and rooted his phone with your application. it was working perfectly until by accident my leg hit the HUGE power key on his god of a computer. automatically shut off the computer and left the processes in the middle. luckily, it shut off at the time where...
  6. doublea500

    Battle For CPU Supremacy: NVIDIA Calls Out Apple on Speed Claims of A5X vs. Tegra 3

    i wish every apple fan was as open as you are. whenever i see a iphone user, they seem so ignorant about their phones and just say its the best. they dont even have 4g and are on screen that my d1 had 2+ years back. They think siri is the feature of the future (note to self, keep that saying)...
  7. doublea500

    Battle For CPU Supremacy: NVIDIA Calls Out Apple on Speed Claims of A5X vs. Tegra 3

    Does not matter if ipad gpu is slower or faster then nvidia. why?- the majority of apple users dont even know what a gpu is, and when was the last apple nvidia fan fan you encountered? im sure even the reporters had no idea, what tablets even include the nvidia driver. Though i cant say much...
  8. doublea500

    [HACKS] [Toolkit] Nexus Root Toolkit v1.6.0 [Updated 11/26/12]

    do i ever setup system variables?
  9. doublea500

    [HACKS] [Toolkit] Nexus Root Toolkit v1.6.0 [Updated 11/26/12]

    ok thanks for the help wug. i tried using the toolkit on xda to see if it detected the adb and fastboot devices and decided i may as well try to install drivers on that and i fear may have made a mistake doing that. I would really liek to just start with a clean slate if possible. any ideas...
  10. doublea500

    [HACKS] [Toolkit] Nexus Root Toolkit v1.6.0 [Updated 11/26/12]

    so the does the method you used to unroot in the toolkit uses googles img files?
  11. doublea500

    [HACKS] [Toolkit] Nexus Root Toolkit v1.6.0 [Updated 11/26/12]

    i see what you mean now. it changes to the path to the tools in your folder rather then setting up the whole sdk which takes up alot more space.
  12. doublea500

    [HACKS] [Toolkit] Nexus Root Toolkit v1.6.0 [Updated 11/26/12]

    Thanks for the reply! My friend does not have the sdk set up at all. so his computer doesnt even read adb and fastboot as a command since there is nothing the path can be set too because the folder its supposed to be set to does not exist.
  13. doublea500

    [HACKS] [Toolkit] Nexus Root Toolkit v1.6.0 [Updated 11/26/12]

    anyone have a mirror to an older version? wug left out the sdk setup in the newest and id like to make it as easy as possible for my friend to get set up.
  14. doublea500

    I was just contacted to do a survey on the Gnex

    i got a call from vzw around 3 days after i bought the phone. didnt ask me for a survey but if i was enjoying it or not.
  15. doublea500

    Need to make the back cover less slippery

    +1 on that. i have the green one i initially had the verizon one but i was annoyed with it not covering the top and bottom of the phone.
  16. doublea500

    [Boot Animations] Galaxy Nexus Boot Animations ~ Retired.

    This is fantastic how it all played out. Giants FTW! JaeKar99- I love your boot animations. Im gonna dl SOOO many of em tm:D.
  17. doublea500

    Internal vs Sd

    i had to backup my phone since i was about to get a replacement phone. Thats like 10 gb. took tooo long.
  18. doublea500

    Internal vs Sd

    I have had the droid 1 with the sd card and now the galaxy nexus with mtp (internal memory). They both have ups and downs to them but my opinion is that mtp is better. Heres a comparison. Sd Card- Pros -Quicker Speeds (for moving files and folders in and out) -External memory meaning you can...
  19. doublea500

    Got another battery question/concern for all you pros out there =)

    try disabling some google apps such as g+ and gtalk
  20. doublea500

    Factory Reset not erasing internal storage

    This is correct and sounds like the problem your having. if you do want to erase everything on the phone then do a factory reset.