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  1. jkaod

    When plug in USB c headphones w phone no work

    These bad boys should do the job. Might not want to crank the volume up too high though.
  2. jkaod

    Are you kidding me? (Battery insanity)

    I feel the same way. It's a great phone and I'm expecting about a year out of it. For less than 400 bones, you can't really go wrong. I sure hope Moto delivers next year. I've grown very accustomed to many of the small things that Moto has done to make a phone more friendly. Enjoy your new...
  3. jkaod

    Are you kidding me? (Battery insanity)

    I did the same thing Sajo. I was hoping for a top line Z3, but with the mediocre offering they gave, I decided to pick up a Z2 force. I missed the $399 sale, but found a brand new one on Swappa for $350. So far I'm very happy with it. The battery usage is amazing. Granted, I didn't have too...
  4. jkaod

    Moto Z Getting Oreo "In a Few Weeks"

    OK, be honest now, who DIDN"T have to look up that word? "Hulk smash" is much more descriptive of the feelings I would have.
  5. jkaod

    Moto Z Play 3??

    Yeah, pretty lame. Big Moto fail. I sure hope they have something better up their sleeve.
  6. jkaod

    Moto Z Getting Oreo "In a Few Weeks"

    I totally agree Sajo. I'm in the same boat. I'll probably be looking for a new phone this year and really hate to give up all the little things about Moto that I like. What?!?! I have to open an app or hit a button to turn on my flashlight or use my camera?? That is so backward if I have to...
  7. jkaod

    Moto Z Getting Oreo "In a Few Weeks"

    Evil little beasts.
  8. jkaod

    Moto Z Getting Oreo "In a Few Weeks"

    I've had the same thing happen a couple of times since Oreo. Mostly I notice it in my Nest app. It will tell me that location is turned off and ask if I want to turn it on again. Not quite sure what's turning it off randomly.
  9. jkaod

    Could This be the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL?

    That is leave that poor Twix all alone and uneaten. Pass it over here please. That photo looks just fine to me. I'm sure there are limitations in various lighting, but all phones lack compared to a real camera. Keep us updated on the phone. Not too much real news out there on...
  10. jkaod

    4th of July 2018 Thread.

    Thank you all for your service!! It's been said many times, but it is so true: The home of the free because of the brave. My son is in his tenth year in the US Army. Proud Dad!
  11. jkaod

    Moto Z Getting Oreo "In a Few Weeks"

    Good luck. Not with the FDR, that'll be easy for you, but with finding a few hours of time. That's the hard part for me.
  12. jkaod

    Moto Z Getting Oreo "In a Few Weeks"

    What kind of chips are we talking about. Personally, I like the jalapeno ones. My battery life seems to be about the same as it was pre-oreo. I did not do an FRD before or after. The only thing I did was a reboot. Hopefully your phone will settle in better with a little more time Sajo or at...
  13. jkaod

    Whew , Hi. Been away for awhile. Is it worth it?

    Welcome back sir. Good to see that bright red circle again. I went from the Turbo to a Z Force and really loved the upgrade. I haven't seen the need for a mod on my phone. The mod battery packs make it too bulky for me and I've never had problems with the battery not getting my through a day...
  14. jkaod

    Google is taking your gun away

    Water pistols are too symbolic of the violence we all experience today. They can evoke strong emotional fear. All images of anything resembling a gun MUST be replaced with this: Oh, wait! Even those can be used for nefarious purposes. BAN ALL BUTTERFLY NETS!
  15. jkaod

    Shattershield - Second Gen

    I prefer burn outs than burn ins.
  16. jkaod

    Oh, no! I dropped my phone and killed it....

    Not only does she know my pin numbers, but she majored in microbiology and prepares most of our meals so I'm sure she could easily inherit the estate anytime she wants to. I'm always polite.
  17. jkaod

    Oh, no! I dropped my phone and killed it....

    Oh I am deadly serious when it comes to not ticking off my wife. I know what side my bread is buttered.
  18. jkaod

    Oh, no! I dropped my phone and killed it....

    I usually have nothing really useful to add, just some ridiculous comments. You sir, on the other hand, are very helpful. Thank you!
  19. jkaod

    Oh, no! I dropped my phone and killed it....

    So if you're listening to the radio (cars still have those don't they?), or connected to USB, or BT audio, basically anything EXCEPT AUX mode it won't work?!? That's crazy! Have you checked to see if you need to update the audio unit firmware? I've rarely had luck doing that myself with a USB...