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    Clearing my phone number from Bionic

    Thanks for the info everyone
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    Clearing my phone number from Bionic

    I have a Bionic that was recently replaced by a new phone. I want to sell the Bionic. I formatted the SD card and performed a factory reset. If I power up the Bionic it initializes and says my phone is now active and displays my phone number. Is this normal? Can this be cleared?
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    Can't get text messaging apps to open after update

    I had the same problem (both with the stock and Handset). I opened the messaging app and let the phone sit idle for about 15 minutes and then both apps opened. If you are a heavy texter it could take much longer.
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    Connecting Bionic to Alpine CDE-HD138BT using Bluetooth

    No fixes yet. Still having the problem
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    Connecting Bionic to Alpine CDE-HD138BT using Bluetooth

    Just purchased a Alpine CDE-HD138BT unit for my car. This unit supports both phone and audio bluetooth. The phone works fine except for some of the advanced features don't work (not concerned about this). The Audio profile also works for media and for Pandora. The problem is when I want to...
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    Worst download speed in history

    I got a ongoing problem at my work location. I get extremely slow speeds during the peek work hours everyday. It is a major capacity issue. Typical results are 0.07Mbps down/0.01Mbps up/Ping 1657 ms. If you run the same test before 7:00am at the exact same location you gett speeds of...
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    Bluetooth Volume issue with Headset

    Thanks.. Yes I have tried it at maximum. It gives me the most output but not at a reasonable level. Conversations in the background are drowning out the sound of the music. Not looking for head banging volume, just want to be able to here it. The BT250/500 are just headsets. I am looking...
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    Bluetooth Volume issue with Headset

    I am assuming you mean the media volume before turning on the bluetooth. If so, I have tried that various volume levels. If this is low, I get nothing, if I set it 50% or above, I get the scenario described above.
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    Bluetooth Volume issue with Headset

    I have a set of Sony Ericsson Bluetooth ear buds. I am having some strange volume issues. The first time I attempted to use them the volume was at a very excessive level, like 8 on a 1-10 scale). Adjusting the volume only went from 8-10. I was unable to get the sound at a reasonable level to...
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    Durability of phones

    Over all I have been very happy with durability of Motorola phones. I have never ruined a phone yet by mishandling. I have had a phone since 1992, and never been rough of them, but with the smartphone you tend to use them in more places and subject them to more possibilities for damage. In...
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    Extended Battery Charger

    The Motorola OEM charger, like the one Costco sold charges both battery sizes.
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    Unknown Icon

    It is misleading icon. I did come to rationalize that it is supposed to be a analog wall clock where the time is reading about 11:10, but still a poor choice.
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    Unknown Icon

    It is for your alarm clock. Turn off your alarm and it goes away.
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    Change LED notification color

    I installed Blink to change my text notification color.
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    crap i dropped my phone and broke it

    Just a couple of notes. There was not an option on my phone to add insurance online. I had to visit the local store to add insurance. The rep never asked to see my phone for adding the coverage. My phone is still pristine and fully operational state, so it didn't mater anyways.
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    watch college football game?

    There are only a few select cable providers that work with the Watch ESPN app. I had good results using ESPN3 through a browser, then clicking on the full screen video button. (you do need a cable provider EMAIL to login with to validate you are allowed to get ESPN).
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    Bad design of rear speaker location

    The options helps the overall sound quality, but it doesn't address the original gripe I had about when the phone is laying flat in certain locations you can't hear the speaker. There really isn't a fix with the exception of a cover that might help it sit differently. I was mainly posting the...
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    Bad design of rear speaker location

    Anytime you target thin you are going to loose sound quality. My new top of the line ultra-thin LED TV at home has poor sound quality. (Not that it matters because I always listen to it through the sound system anyways).
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    Bad design of rear speaker location

    I found a few spots where I like to sit my phone down at where the sound of notifications and ringers are virtually inaudible. At my desk at work I can barely hear the notifications if the phone is flat on the desk. At home if I sit the the phone backside down on the couch I hear nothing at...
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    PC can't access internal storage

    I am not rooted, however I did find what was doing it. I enabled USB Debugging. After disabling it AND rebooting I was able to access the internal storage. I enabled it again, I was able to see it until I rebooted again and it was gone. Disabled and rebooted and I was able to get to it. So...